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We are OCS

Join our network of professionals

What is the OCS network?
We are a team of experts from different fields of expertise and from different organizations (professionals, companies and universities). As independent professionals (ZZP’er) or as part of a company, we have expertise on business and on at least one of the four expertise areas of OCS (sustainability, innovation, business and technology). We speak Dutch and at least one other language: English, French or German and we have fun in delivering very professional services.

What can OCS offer you?
OCS offers you to work alone or with other members of the network on trendy projects with attractive economical remuneration. Besides that, OCS organizes activities to:

  • Further develop your expertise.
  • Learn from the experience and expertise of other members
  • Discover new opportunities for you or for the network to further develop activities.

How do we work?
We will build a relationship with you based on trust, mutual support and transparency. We will place you in the best position that matches with your interests and expertise.